Maintenance Program

Over the last five years, a lot of our clients have asked us how they can best maintain their computers and keep them running efficiently. Many have noticed that the computer that they purchased a year ago does not work as well as it did when they first got it. If this applies to you, this program may be helpful.
Over time computers tend to become slower and things just start going bump in the box. This happens to all major electronic systems including computers. One of the primary reasons for this is that computer hard drives become fragmented after time. As more time goes by, the situation only gets worse. Software programs are installed, uninstalled, deleted and added to. It is the same with hardware accessories as well (printers, flash drives, cameras, etc.) Bits and pieces of software/hardware information is all over the map on your hard-drive. Boot ups take longer and longer, programs take longer to open or no longer open at all or freeze up after a short time.

We can help.

We provides preventive maintenance service programs to address the needs of businesses that do not have qualified computer technicians on staff. We do maintenance programs for computers desktop and laptop, both personal & business computers.

Our visits include diagnostic scans of the operating system, de-fragmentation of hard drives, cleaning up Windows caches and temporary folders, fixing registry errors and invalid entries, diagnostic scans for physical issues with hard drives, motherboard and other peripherals you may be having issues with as well.

Checking the computer for viruses and other malwares and physically inspect hardware and clean the dust out from inside the case. Yes! Dust will prevent your CPU from cooling properly, causing it to overheat or hang. Dust is one of the leading causes of hardware failure. The CPU fan, power supply fan and any other board fans are cleaned and tested.

All data cables are checked to be sure they are securely seated on system boards. CD and floppy drives are opened, cleaned and tested for data transfer. External components such as keyboard, mouse, monitor and printers are cleaned of dust and debris and all cable connections are checked. Connections to surge protectors or UPS are checked.

To be ahead of all these possible problems, we recommend you get a really good hardware/software maintenance program with us. We will set up regularly scheduled on-site visits for maintenance on your computers. This is well worth the cost and will save you in the long run.

You spent a lot of money to get a pc, spend a little to keep it going!

We will do a free evaluation of your home/business needs.

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