Networking and Maintenance

Optimize efficiencies, ensure reliability, and enhance network security with Xavier Computer Consultants Network Management Services

After a complete site assessment, we will recommend ways your organization can boost productivity, improve document management workflow, and reduce the cost of network service and support.

Network Design, Installation, and Configuration

Improve workflow and productivity by integrating stand-alone PCs and devices into a single, streamlined network. Our experts can also proactively design, install, and support the backup systems and redundancies that help ensure 100% availability, protect critical data, and maintain trouble-free performance.

Workflow Analysis and Consulting

To maximize efficiencies, workflow experts examine critical document management processes such as printing, scanning, or archiving. They make sure every device on the network is performing at optimal capacity and identify equipment that is underutilized. In addition, they uncover hidden costs, such as wasted supplies.

Network Security Assessment

To ensure the security of your network and critical data, Xavier Computer Consultants experts assess and test your existing security measures and offer recommendations for reinforcing your firewall.

Emergency Help Desk

Our Customer Help Desk is your first call for support. Staffed by certified customer service representatives, the Customer Help Desk resolves more than half of the calls it handles per month. If a repair is necessary, our Customer Help Desk will arrange for a technician to service your equipment. 519-750-9421 You will love that we can solve your problem!

Break/Fix Services for Xavier Computer Consultants and Non-Xavier Computer Consultants Hardware It doesn't matter where you purchased your computer and/or your software. It only matters that you need assistance now, call us. That's what we are here for!

Just call one number to call for fast, reliable service. No matter whose brand name is on the equipment, Xavier Computer Consultants technicians can repair it.

Software Configuration for Xavier Computer Consultants and Non-Xavier Computer Consultants Hardware

Xavier Computer Consultants can help you streamline the installation of new hardware or software. Our experts know how to configure PCs and drivers to work efficiently throughout the network — whether the software is from Xavier Computer Consultants or not.

Comprehensive IT Outsourcing

Small businesses that prefer to focus on their core competencies can outsource all or part of their network support functions to Xavier Computer Consultants. All support staff remains on-site to ensure proactive network management and timely response to problems.

Maintenance for your Network and Computer(s)

Regular monthly maintenance for your computer network can and will eliminate small problems before they evolve into big problems that can crash or corrupt your network! It's your company, keep it safe and keep it operating smoothly. You name the time and place and we will be there! 519-750-9421 You will love that we can solve your problem!