In-Home or In-Office Repair

We enjoy solving problems. We are proactive people-person with broad technical knowledge and skills, even better. Our goal is to ensure the end user's productivity through a range of activities, including resolving problems, documenting solutions, maintaining hardware, upgrading software, and training.

A PC Support Specialist does more than repair personal computers. We're working with people whose knowledge about PCs ranges from novice to expert. We listen carefully and ask specific questions to gather the facts about the problem, and then use our personal knowledge and detective skills to track down a resolution. Our goal is the proper operation of computers so people can use them to accomplish their tasks.

Being able to prioritize the problems that arise is a necessity. We weigh each problem for its severity and complexity, then resolve problems in the order that keeps the most people productive. In addition, we perform a variety of regular maintenance tasks, including checking and cleaning hardware, implementing virus protection, and backing up files and configuration information. Our PC Support Specialists are knowledgeable in the basics of computer hardware, operating systems, applications, programming languages, and even networks. Because change is a constant, we'll always be learning something new.

Repair and Resolution


Know the components of the personal computer and understand how they operate and interact.
Maintain computer systems for end users.
Troubleshoot users' issues (problems, requests, and questions) as they arise.
Collect information, research solutions, and analyze possible resolutions to issues.
Determine severity and complexity of current issues Resolve problems accurately in the shortest amount of time.
Test and implement new solutions Evaluate resolutions for ways to prevent future problems Place follow-up calls to users about ongoing issues.
Learn new hardware and software to be supported.


Check and clean hardware, including workstations, printers, and peripherals, and perform other preventative maintenance as needed .
Purchase, sell and install hardware systems as needed.
Purchase, sell and install software upgrades and fixes.
Implement virus protections.
Back up important files.
Configure and administer computer systems and applications.
Perform system updates.



Implement the problem and request management processes.
Schedule and prioritize issues (new or unresolved problems and request regular tasks).
Produce and maintain documentation of hardware, software, and problem resolutions.
Plan for future needs of end users.
Assemble, install, and configure new computing resources, including hardware, software, and applications.
Analyze users' computing needs and recommend solutions.
Track and manage hardware and software inventory.

Client Services


Provide daily support to users.
Determine users' needs.
Plan and deliver user training.
Identify additional and future requirements of end users.

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