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Xavier Computer Consultants offers a series of Computer and Internet-related Courses and Seminars designed for both the newbie and the net-savvy or anyone that falls between. The courses may repeat monthly, with different topics covered each week. Most seminars are offered according to demand. Customized corporate and non-profit seminars are also provided upon request. Special discounts available for corporations, associations, or other organized groups of 10 or more attendees. Pricing billed in hourly increments that you can afford.

Our Courses and Seminars can be done in your office, your home or our office. It is affordable and it is well worth the time and money to learn to utilize and become comfortable with your computer and all the advantages it can offer you!
Learn when it's convenient for you! Learn what you need to know not what someone else says you need to know! Just ask, you want to spend an hour on email, specifically how to send and receive emails? That's do-able and furthermore, it makes sense for you! That's what you want, that's what you will get. You will understand. You will be able to do it on your own. We guarantee it. You will learn and it will even be enjoyable! Call today for your appointment! 519-750-9421 You will LOVE knowing how to utilize the computer!

INTRODUCTION TO THE INTERNET covers the basics of the Internet including; e-mail, chat, message boards, instant messengers, telnet, newsgroups, and the world wide web. A variety of hands-on exercises help to demonstrate its ease of use. No previous knowledge of the Internet or other on-line services is required.

GETTING ON-LINE covers everything necessary for getting on-line access, whether from the home or the office. It includes information on hardware and software requirements, and locating an Internet service provider. On our Computer Analysis and Repair page, you will see more information about the technical side of this process. We can come to your home or office and set-up and install your computer to the internet for you. Then we can teach you to utilize your computer! We can do it all. We are here to serve!

THE WORLD WIDE WEB VIA FIREFOX AND INTERNET EXPLORER covers navigating the web in-depth. Using a wide range of hands-on exercises, participants will learn how to download and display text, graphics, audio and video clips.

COMPUTERS 101 covers the basics of operating a computer from the ON button to what all those plug-in things in the back of the tower are for to what features are available on your computer to what's available out on the market to assist you with your needs and wants from a computer.

SOFTWARE CLASSES covers varieties software programs including WORD, Excel, Publisher, FrontPage and many others. Software classes are personalized to your needs. We can cover the basics of one or more programs to any specific questions you may have. Just ask. If we don't know the answer, we WILL find you the answer.

SPECIALIZED SUBJECTS provides an introductory course which introduces the user to specialized market segments and information resources on the Net. Some of the courses to be offered: Art Resources; Galleries on the Net; A World Wide Web of Museums; Antiques on the Net; Fine Wines a la Web; Theater and Acting Resources; Shopping on the Net; WWW Music; Banking, Finance, Law or Accounting on the Net.

MARKETING ON THE INTERNET covers the variety of on-line methods that business are currently using to expand their marketing efforts. This seminar demonstrates how e-mail, newsgroups, the web, and other forms of on-line presence can be used to effectively market products and services.

PUTTING YOUR BUSINESS ON THE NET covers the process of developing a web presence for business purposes. Participants will about Web commerce, banking, financial transactions, etc. Web page hosting services, and web page maintenance. This course is offered according to demand. On our Web Design page, you will find information about our abilities to put you, your business, or your favourite hobby on the internet. If it's about the internet, we can do it or find you someone who can!

INTERNET RESEARCH APPLICATIONS covers a number search techniques, and related on-line programs useful to researchers. It includes hands-on demonstrations of the World Wide Web, WAIS, Gopher, Newsgroups, as well as how to contact field experts.

COST for One-on-One Training is only $37.50 per hour. It is affordable and it WORKS! It will work for you, your kids, your husband, your friends and your office! Give us an hour and we will show you! Prices for more than a one-on-one situation is negotiable. It depends on the training subject, location and requirements needed. Call 519-750-9421 to make that first appointment and get started.