Website Redesign

Already have a website and just want to jazz it up?

Xavier Computer Consultants' team of website design experts are specialists in website redesign. We can redesign web sites from small to large and every size of site in between. Although based in Brantford, we offer our website redesign services to all industries and to all business and society models, to all areas of Canada and the World, without exception.

Website Redesign

Choosing website redesign can prove to be a less-expensive option than a full blown new design and in many cases, web redesign is the preferred option, if you have an existing site, due to the sandbox theory.

CSS Web site Redesign

Do you perhaps have a web site already, that is either out-dated or not bringing the desired results? Perhaps you feel a rework or web site redesign is in order? Contact us now and together, we can take your website to the next level by cleaning up the source code behind your website, using CSS layers and where required, add interactive forms, databases, multimedia design and much more. Search engine spiders love CSS web design, so we use CSS redesign techniques when optimising your web site source code.

Search Engine Friendly Redesign

What's the difference between web site redesign and search engine optimisation? Search engine optimisation is basically website redesign without the improvements to the look or functionality of a website. An SEO project tends to involve all of the work of a website redesign, but the look, feel and functionality of the website remain. When our design team redesign a website, yes, we include all of the aspects of SEO, but we ensure that the site is easy to navigate, yet complex in capability.

We can even redesign your website with dynamic content that will allow you to update the web site pages yourself, so that your information and content stays fresh and up to the minute! Our web design and web redesign capabilities are endless and we are confident, that in 99% of cases, website redesign can improve your current website and show you a return on investment within a 3 - 6 month period.

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